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Phoenix Paths Consulting, Inc. (PPC INC) provides business & security analysis and consulting services for businesses, to include, non-profit organizations seeking to establish and grow in Latin America.  Each country in Latin America offers unique opportunity for business growth, but each is equally troubled by unique political and security challenges.  Our consultants are Latin American experts with extensive experience operating within the geopolitical, security and business fields throughout Latin America.  These experts use an extensive network of contacts throughout Latin America to provide up to date analysis and precise consulting to companies and organizations seeking to conduct business in Latin America.


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​​​​Phoenix Paths Consulting, Inc.

Our consultants have a collective 46 years of experience living and working throughout Latin America and benefit from unique insight into the political, security and business environment within the majority of Latin American countries.  Our representatives have proven that successful business and engagement in any Latin American country requires a firm understanding of the operating environment as well as contacts in key sectors..